Monday, October 10, 2005

ConvergeSouth - some pictures

You can see some pictures from ConvergeSouth here, here, here and here. For now, here's a few that prove that I was there:

This is just before our sessions started: L-to-R (but not politically) me, Ruby and Dave.

Chatting after Tiffany's session.

Waiting for Atrios (who got lost on campus) on Saturday morning.

Adrian and I used to be next door neighbors and saw each other walking our dogs. It never occured to us to mention blogging. What a surprise when we bumped into each other at ConvergeSouth: "What are you doing here?" "What are YOU doing here?"

Yes, I got to chat with Atrios aka Duncan Black (Potter-head, as I am, I always want to call him Sirius Black!).

More to come, stay tuned...

Update: There are some more pictures here.

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