Saturday, October 08, 2005

ConvergeSouth - first impressions

Taking a little break between the end of the ConvergeSouth conference and dinner, enjoying Dave's hospitality, here's just a quick post on the conference - apparently there is something wrong with my online access back at home, so I may not be able to blog tonight once I get there.

My session with Dave and Ruby went very well - everyone was talking about carnivals afterwards and asking me more questions about them in the hall during the breaks. The Facebook study was mentioned several times in different sessions.

Sue was so obviously in charge and the conference went so well, I think she should be made the Director of FEMA. Yes, I got to chat with Duncan aka Atrios (yes, I have a picture taken and will post it when I get it to prove it!) - I hope I managed to get him to reconsider his dislike of carnivals by checking out some carnivals other than CoTV.

It was so nice to put together faces, names and blog-designs of a number of bloggers I know very well, as well as some I just got to know now and like what they are doing. It was great fun chatting with Rita and Adrian, Marcela, Heather, Dave, Dave, Dave, Jay, Jay, Tiffany, Sheila, Ed, Roch, Billy, Michael, Anton (check out his version of our van ride to Greensboro and my session here), Martin, Stewart, Daniel, jw, Seymour, Brian, Paul, ae, Lex, Jozef, Michael, Chris, Amanda, Michael (Cobb), Jimmy, Sandy, the guy who runs the new Indy blog and many others whose websites and blogs I'll need more time to find....

You can (or will soon) find other participants' impressions on the GSO blog or by checking the 'convergesouth' tag. I'll write more detailed impressions of individual sessions later. Dinner is calling....

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