Thursday, October 27, 2005

Belgrade Blogger Bar

Is this the beginning of a blogging community in Belgrade? Four (apparently - from what I can figure out from a distance) most popular Blegrade bloggers had their first ever MeetUp in an appropriately named bar "Anna and Four Pistols": LaLara - Blog Serbia & Beyond, Brand New Girl, Domacica iz Pakla (Housewife from Hell) and Kikoman Experience.

They immediately liked each other, had LOTS to drink, thus all four had to wait until the following day to blog about it. Here are the hungover reminiscences by LaLara, Brand New Girl, Housewife From Hell and Filip Kikoman. Filip syas that BNGirl is a hottie. I believe him.

I hope they meet again, and bring in more people. I need to get Carnival of the Balkans re-started soon, so everybody from there (or from here but currently there) can get to find each other and share some burek and slivovitz.

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