Thursday, September 29, 2005


Democrats who voted Yes for Roberts:
Baucus, Mont.;
Bingaman, N.M.;
Byrd, W.Va.;
Carper, Del.;
Conrad, N.D.;
Dodd, Conn.;
Dorgan, N.D.;
Feingold, Wis.;
Johnson, S.D.;
Kohl, Wis.;
Landrieu, La.;
Leahy, Vt.;
Levin, Mich.;
Lieberman, Conn.;
Lincoln, Ark.;
Murray, Wash.;
Nelson, Fla.;
Nelson, Neb.;
Pryor, Ark.;
Rockefeller, W.Va.;
Salazar, Colo.;
Wyden, Ore.

What were they thinking? If Bush sees this many Dems rolling over for Roberts, he will be emboldened to nominate someone even worse for the O'Connor seat and no fillibaster can derail that confirmation. They need a collective chiropractor to set their spine!

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