Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tar Heel Tavern

Welcome to the Tar Heel Tavern. Today - no big overarching theme or topic. Many are Katrina-blogging (as am I) which can get downright nasty when it looks at the political side. Still, there is some non-Katrina stuff out there, and here is a nice sampling of the bext NC blogging of the past week (the submitted entries are on top, Editor's Choices are towards the bottom).

From Alex Wilson Studios a photoblog of the Looking Glass Falls, NC.

Iddybud writes about the The Tragedy of 9/11

Erin of Poetic Acceptance wrote about Katrina, focusing on Ecology.

From 2sides2ron, an obituary for Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown.

Melinama of Pratie Place is Weedwhacking Again.

Ogre, in a rare post in which we do not 100% disagree, writes about Forced Evacuations from New Orleans.

Laurie of Slowly She Turned gives us the wise words of a local minister on the dominion over the earth.

Pirate's Cove compares the aftermaths of Katrina and Floyd.

Captivated By Mandie photoblogs some goats and pigs.

Anonymoses on New Orleans, Somalia and guns.

Snort A Sprocket needs the soothing agents found in ketchup (as told by the Ketchup Advisory Board): Anger is an energy.

Billy the Blogging Poet wrote another in a series of fables: George And The Frogs.

Scrutiny Hooligans look at the Democrats Plan to Help Katrina Survivors.

Anton of MisterSugar is advertising his father's book, Step to Freedom, an account of life with Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic in the 1960s.

A Sort of Notebook is starting a new school year.

Pam of the eponymous House Blend, looks at the Katrina-damage in Ocean Springs, MS with excellent photos.

Lenslinger of Viewfinder Blues, after a series of excellent Katrina-related posts, revisits the memory of 911.

Chewie has no fear of flying.

Dirty Greek on spiders and metaphorical lessons of New Orleans.

Our local free newspaper, The Independent now has a blog.

Our World, Our View is an online magazine/blog for young adults. Amidst the numerous (good) posts about romance and relationships, here's one about real heroism.

Words of this yovo on Copperheads.

Swamp Things on the other ones, the Cottonmouths.

Stinging Nettle announces the retirement of Scott Stevens.

Super G is traveling and unraveling.

Josh at Too Clever By Half suggests a low-tech way to bring blogs to the masses.

Leimodnu of Reason and Radical watched all the Katrina telethons.

Lex on Blog on the Run comments on photos of the dead.

Arse Poetica on compassionate government.

Russlings has been following the fate of animals in Gulf Coast zoos and aquaria.

The Point of Babette wants to cross-pollinate.

Please, check the archives of the Tar Heel Tavern and let me know if you'd like to host an edition in the near future.

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