Monday, September 26, 2005

Link-Love: Philosophers and their ilk

Doctor Free-Ride of Adventures in Ethics and Science blog has had some good posts lately: What scientists know (or don't), Numbers don’t lie … unless they’re statistics and Anti-science chickens coming home to roost.

Related to that first post is this one, Everything you Read is Useless, by Mike Webb of Educated Insolence.

Who's Zaphod Beeblebrox? asks Brian Weatherson on Thoughts Arguments and Rants

Mormon Metaphysics continues reviewing Tomasello's book.

Check out Missing Shades of Grue and Phronesisaical for some excellent blogging.

For the Record is one of my favourite blogs and I wonder why I link to it so rarely! So here's the link and you go and explore.

The Little Professor on getting a job in academia, geeting a job in academia if you are a blogger and the right to photocopy.

Brandon of Siris wrote a list of Must-Read Science Fiction Novels. I think I'll write one of my own soon (my own list, not a novel!).

Leiter Reports had guest-bloggers from For The Record. Here's one post about socialized medicine, but all of their stuff was very good. Brian Leiter is back now, and you should make it a habit to visit his blog from time to time...

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