Friday, September 30, 2005

Link-Love: In the Neighborhood

Here's some recent North Carolina blogging for you:

JustAskJudy has a Remarkable Obituary.

This is old, but good, if you have not seen it before. On Indiscretions: Natasha From Russia.

Gate City is sometimes serious enough to write stuff like this, about the wisdom of having the military be the first responder. Mostly though, the audience is from Germany, attracted to the blog by their Google searches of the phrase, sprinkled liberally throughout the blog "Nikki Cox - Best Actress of her generation", sometimes accompanied by a picture. I have no idea if she is the best actress, or even a semi-decent actress. No matter how many times I saw her on TV I somehow could not focus on evaluating her acting skills....

So, what is killing marriage? Everything you want to know, even if you did not know you wanted to know, about marriage and divorce, especially the legal aspects, you can find on Kramer Vs.

Trixie Update is still running. Trixie is more than two years old, and the only telemetry still going on is sleep-wake cycle. You can still access all the old statistics on diaper-changes, formula-bottles and other stuff - very interesting for parents and future parents. I hope they do the same with their next child!!!!

Tony Plutonium had a weak moment! Never waver!

A great photo of a lilly at Lalitree.

The Crazy Hippie Cat Lady is a new NC blog by Vada.

Dent is the official blog of the excellent local free newspaper "The Independent".

Our World, Our View is a blog aimed at young adults.

Lenslinger takes a look ahead.

Words (of this Yovo) reports on the shrinking shark.

Aesop's Fables for the modern age (one of many Billy's blogs).

How early is too early to read the death scene in Charlotte's Web to your child?

See if your licence plate number is on this blog and if so, for what infringement of polite driving.

Hurricane's Eye is the place where everything is calm.

Josh and Jamie are Too Clever By Half

Reason And Radical on the today's youth and on appealing to the fearfull majority.

Warcrygirl is a self-confessed World's Worst Christian - go see why.

Lex has a good post on gore for porn phenomenon I wrote about before.

Zartan works at an "adult establishment" and reports on human nature.

Russlings describes some very unconventional ways to protect animals in zoos against hurricanes and some even more unconventional ways to protect animals in the wild from people.

The Point of Babette reviews prime time TV for you.

What Would Jesus The Clown Do, asks Anonymoses.

Anton is having a grand time.

BlogAds rule!

Bigwig continues his long-running series on birds of Iraq.

Pam's House Blend is your first stop if you want to know what is happening in Freeperland.

Who ordered the CNN orange windbreakers?

A funny cartoon and the tragedy of the commons on Pratie Place.

Ron wrote an homage to nurses.

Waterfall snapped at her student today.

First Year Teacher is now a Second Year Teacher.

Jay has some good advice about blogging responsibility.

This is too funny (especially considering the satellite-photo shape of Hurricane Rita as it squeezed between Florida and Cuba).

You can find many other NC bloggers at aggregator. You can find some additional ones on Rollerweblogger, Triad Blogs, on Greensboro 101 and on North State Blogs.

For examples of the best of NC blog writing, check out the local blog carnival - The Tar Heel Tavern. Erin, while being pregnant with the sixth child, writing poetry, and everything else, also collected the complete archives of the Tar Heel Tavern, and made the Tar Heel Tavern homepage prettier (with Carolina blue).

Next week is ConvergeSouth, a huge blogger conference in Greensboro, so you can meet some of the best of local, and not so local (Atrios anyone?) bloggers there. Check out the who's who of blogging expected to show up there.

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