Thursday, September 29, 2005

Link-Love: Healthy Blogging

Chronicles of a Medical Mad House is back after a brief hiatus. Death is a pretty bad sideffect of a drug, I guess. And now I know why I always wanted to be an urologist (not!).

Dr.Charles recollects his busy day in the hospital on 9/11.

Mediblogopathy covered post-Katrina nurse volunteers, gives out a monthly nursing blog award and has collected the largest blogroll of nursing blogs ever.

Mental Nurse writes a job description.

I've seen this happen to me - someone copies and pastes my entire posts - ALL of my posts - on their blog. I ignored it, as there was always a link in the end. Now, Shrinkette makes me worried about it.

Should med school make you depressed? Over My Med Body does not think so.

Drunken Lagomorph is a nurse who works in jail. Occasionaly, this means reading some inmates' worrisome letters, and sometimes it means laughing (along with the inmates) at the humorless wardens, and sometimes hearing some highly quotable stuff.

It's Time For Your Meds if you are Crazy Tracy, a North Carolina nurse working 12-hour shifts (just like my wife).

Emergiblog is also written by a 12-hour night-shift nurse. It is a pretty new blog but I am already addicted. I wait for a new post like some people wait for the next episode of their favourite TV show (or the next Harry Potter book). There is so much fun (and funny) stuff, and it is all beautifully written. How about a look at some very old advertisments for amphetamines, or K-Y Jelly, or Curad bandages. Each old ad, or book, or picture provokes an association and the words just flow....

There is trouble during a night on call at Blogborygmi.

Nurse: Superhero, Villain...or Vampire? Ask Nurse Rachett's Alter Ego (is this the same person who wrote a brilliant, yet now defunct blog, called Nurse Rachett's Notebook or something like that?).

Is repetition good or bad? That's the question of Living Large, a new arrival at the OR scene, but already joining the in crowd, or is she?

A very frustrating day in the life of a Head Nurse.

What does a neurologist carry in his black bag? Ask Greg P on Information Is Free.

And last but certainly not the least, Orac of Respectful Insolence is at his best when he destroys the alties.

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