Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blogging Blogs

Jay Rosen on NYTimes pay-per-view editorial page and on the power of bloggers in the world of MSM.

Chris Anderson has a new version of his definiton of the Long Tail, a new fun tool to understand it and two posts explaining what the Long Tail isn't.

Everything you wanted to know about blogging you can find on SoapBlox.

Danah Boyd explains what Glocalizing Web2.0 Systems are, on poverty, on the phenomenon of MSM citing blogs and why culture matters even in a math class.

Problogger is trying to help you earn some money with your blogging and Successful Blog explains the secrets of blogging to beginner and master alike, while Web Pages That Suck explains the Don'ts of blogging and web-construction that I wish more bloggers would read (myself included, of course).

After the fantastic success of the Ministry of Reshelving action, Avant Game moves to new pursuits, including place storming. But, was reshelving such a great idea? Dunno, this post is suspicious, methinks.

Contentious is another excellent blog exploring the ins and outs of blogs, from technical stuff to its effects on the practice of journalism.

9rules network is something to consider joining.

Colin McEnroe is teaching a blogging class. Among else, all his students are starting their own blogs and writing their first fresh opinions about Dooce, Kottke, dKos, BoingBoing and other famous blogs. Some of their opinions are very good, insightful and instructive. They are all well written. I'd like to boost them by sharing a little link-love - please go and post a comment encouraging their early blogging efforts. Here they are:

Mysterious Pink Lady
Experiencing Technical Difficulties
I hear Kos music
More Pinkness and Eyestrain
Trust the Abyss
Dances (and Disses) With Dooce
Dude, you're scaring me
Lungfull Taichung Angel guest star marathon poet
DJ Mobile
Blogs With Cats
Jean DuBlog
The Rev. William Slone Modest
By Neddie Jingo
I cant's help if I am lucky

The Daou Report has elicited a lot of blog response. The male A-listers mostly say "Heh". But the feminist bloggers are providing some excellent analysis, e.g., Echidne, Pam, and Rana. To see where Rana is coming from, you have to read this older post of hers first.

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