Friday, August 26, 2005

Updated Categories!

Since my old computer died in February I had to deal with a few old bad machines which made blogging difficult. So, I gave up on keeping my "Archives By Categories" updated. Now that I have a decent computer again, I decided to update the categories. It was a huge job! I had no idea how much I post here! But now, it is done, so please look them up, especially if you are a relatively new reader of this blog.

In the category Pure Science I try to keep the policy/politics to the minimum. It is mostly posts covering cool research, old or new, in papers, in books, or on blogs.

I never managed to jump on the Friday cat blogging bandwagon, so the category Cute Animal Pictures is the smallest so far.

Posts specifically on Evolution are separated from the Pure Science for easier access. Those also may contain a little bit more politics.

I wish I could ignore Creationism and not waste my time, energy and nerves on it, but as it is on upswing now, I feel I have to follow it regularly.

Science Policy addresses other aspects of politization of science, as well as science funding.

Considering that the Environment is so important to me, I am surprised how little actually I wrote about it during the past year.

The backbone of this blog is a long series of posts on Understanding America. I try to understand the Red-Blue divide and the psychology of ideology. I mostly critique, modify and build upon Lakoff's model.

However, Lakoff jumps straight from Dobsonian childrearing as a cause to conservative politics as a result. I feel that there is a missing step here. I think that strict and abusive childrearing results in sexual anxiety which, in turn, leads to a whole host of ideological and political positions. Thus, in Gender, Sex and Marriage, I explore this connection, as well as the key role of sexual politics (e.g., abortion, stem cells, sex education, gender equality, gay marriage, etc.) in contemporary US politics.

An important part of this, of course, is the role of organized Religion. This can only be countered by an improvement in Education.

Occasionaly, I also pen a post that has something to do with the Economy (or 'Economics') as well as the World Affairs.

Since I am from Belgrade, I sometimes write about various aspects of growing up in the Balkans, or whatever may be happening there now.

I am not really a "current events" blogger, but sometimes I do write a short post on Pure Politics.

Last year, I supported John Edwards for Prez, and then for Vice Prez. I am following his current activities, and, so far, he still looks like the best candidate for 2008.

I have also written a few posts on the Media and am writing more and more about Books.

Nobody who blogs can avoid writing, at least sometimes, about the world of Blogging, and I particularly pay attention to the phenomenon of Blog Carnivals and assemble the monthly Meta-Carnival.

Finally, everyone needs to have a grab-bag miscellaneous category for Local, Personal and Fun Stuff.

I guess updating the Blogroll is my next big job on this blog. I'll let you know when that is accomplished.

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