Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday Link-Love

Cool beer cans on

Jamie finds an interesting potential side-effect of populating the Great Plains with African charismatic megafauna and one of Jamie's colleagues is 150 years out of date.

First victim of high gas prices? A gas pump clerk after a gas drive-off.

Anton reads about the Beaufort Scale.

Hot peppers are pretty expensive. Perhaps they could help the rural economy in Cameroon in other ways, too. The chimps are not ambidextrous, you can learn about elephant infrasonic communication, a 46-mile swim by a Polar bear, and trickery by sea turtles, all on the NC Zoo blog.

Arse Poetica catches some good evolution reporting in the NYTimes (for a change) and sees some cool graffiti and bumper stickers.

NCAA rulings on Indian sports mascots discussed by Chewie with good links. Acta Online shows how PETA's interference cleared up some of the NCAA logic.

Zartan blogs about his experiences as a bouncer in an "adult" club and other XXX news, e.g., the case of a guy who got killed while having sex with a horse.

How much Dr.Pepper you need to drink in order to die of caffeine overdose?

Fat bottom? NO way!

Super G recounts a very embarassing moment.

When they are little they are cute like this, then they grow up and start writing blogs like Trevor does.

Mrs.Julien on Big Brass Blog (not "Big Bras"!) on the future of women's rights in Iraq.

Cindy Sheehan clears up the fog on Huffington Post.

Numenware debunks seven-bit coding system of the Incan quipus (Skeptic's Circle material?)

Ruminating Dude compares USA and Europe.

Corpus Callosum on Sleep Medicine and science reporting.

Why do Conservatives have more Nightmares? Dunno, but it fits with their psychopathological profiles.

Self-righteous indignation as an addiction? See: Wingnut bloggers.

Last 50 images uploaded on LiveJournals - updated every few seconds, and Moodgrapher tracks emoticons on LiveJournals over time.

Take the LGF Quiz

Death of Dumbledore scene written in styles of other authors.

Buy the Endangered Feces shirt or the Flying Spaghetti Monster paraphernalia (if you are still unaware of this fast-spreading belief system, see here).

Bright Christians and Christian Alliance for Progress are some of the exampes of non-fundemantalist Christians trying to take back both their country and their religion away from the Fundies.

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