Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Spreading the Link-Love


So, instead of a 5000-word brilliant essay you always expect to see here, go instead and look around some of my friend's blogs:

Lance Mannion: Less than less than zero about Bret Easton Ellis and American Psycho.

Nancy Nall on the meeting of city and country at the State fair.

Five Wells on Links and cool stuff one finds on blogs.

Paper Frigate watches the Supreme Court.

Norma of Collecting My Thoughts: I Am An Ecological Disaster.

The Krafty Librarian about the Canary Database ("...named for the concept of a canary in a coal mine is a database that contains scientific evidence about how animal disease events can be an early warning system for emerging human diseases...).

I'm in love with Papillon Rouge. Here are three recent posts, one collecting very funny examples of similes from British students, one asking "Since when does 'people' equal 'men'?" and another shows that Google Maps is not just a tool, but can go deep.

Changing Places on Redemption.

Delenda Est Carthago is telling some people to shut up.

Upside-down Hippo is reporting on his trip to Bermuda.

Ken MacLeod of The Early Days of a Better Nation went to World Science Fiction Convention.

Rants For The Invisible People on Patriarchy.

Res Publica on Republic Of Dogs on Dobsonian childrearing.

Mysticblog got a black belt in Aikido at Reed (Bro, were you there?)

Amelia of Ameliorator, also from Reed is contemplating the dangers of trabelling abroad.

Reedmaniac, also from Reed is just like the President: Bike Crash.

The Sneeze finally got rid of the maggots.

Echomouse on some old bad news.

Girl with a one-track mind on how to and how not to chat up a girl.

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