Monday, August 22, 2005

Rox Rocks!!!!

Thanks to my Liberal Pen-Pal for alerting me to this. The Blog-Wingnuttia is stalling while Left Blogistan is growing and getting better every day in its War On The Scourge of Conservatism.

This is inevitable, of course, as we have bloggers (unlike Enjoying-A-Rocket-From-Behind who blows up frogs yet is afraid of horses) like Roxanne who not only has a great sense of humor, actively builds the community and provides her own incisive analysis, but has now decided to selflessly leave the comfort of her nice liberal home and move right into the midst of the nutters in order to better report on their treasonous activities and despicable characters. Rox, you rock!

Update: Liberal Pen-Pal has an update. Brazen Hussy and
After School Snack are on the ball, too. Jesse is really following the story blow-by-blow with frequent updates here, here, here, here and
here. Roxanne has more.

Update 2: This is what I was telling you! The Lib Blogs Rule! Just check out Arbusto de Mendacity, Moderate Left, Asia Security, Preemptive Karma, Democratic Veteran, Politblogo, The Impolitic, Loaded Mouth, Cinematic Rain and Ex Cathedra.

Update 3: I see that Sivakracy has also picked up on this. Preemptive Karma has an update. Pharyngula wrote a devastating analysis. Hughes For America,
Sadly, No, The Third Estate and Buck Mulligan are on the case. Raznor finds new information here and again
here. Stevaudio discovers a religious side to this. The Impolitic has really dug up the dirt here, here, here, here, here and here.

More on The Winding Sheet, The fshk blog and
Adam Jacob Muller.

Jesse is really rocking today. He's recently found this, this and
this, while Amanda disocever additional evidence here, here, here and here.

Developing! Hilzoy on a hot trail and nabs it here!

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