Wednesday, August 24, 2005

One-stop shopping for blog responses to the NYT series on Intelligent Design Creationism

New York Times is running a series of longish articles under the unfortunate heading of The Evolution Debate. So far (I do not know if there will be any more installments), there is an article by Jodi Wilgoren about the Discovery Institute, its history, connections, finances, goals and methods. It's not too bad. The second article is supposed to be about "science". It was written by Kenneth Chang and is an atrocious example of he-said-she-said journalism that gives the IDC far too much benefit of the doubt. The third article, by Cornelia Dean, is about the relationship between science and religion. She gives a lot of space to Francis Collins and Kenneth Miller. For an atheist lie me, it is tripe, but for their intended audience, it is actually not too bad.

In addition, there is an excellent op-ed by Verlyn Klinkenborg, a brief history of the words "creationism" and "intelligent design" by William Safire, as well as an older excellent op-ed by Paul Krugman. NYTimes also reports on recent statements by Frist and Bush in support of "teaching the controversy".

The Letters to the Editor are good so far. Update: another letter.

Finally, they also offer a "lesson plan" in teaching the controversy, i.e., how to inject ID Creationism into science classrooms.

How did the bloggers respond to these articles?

Pharyngula on Krugman, Bush (this includes links to about 160 responses by blogs), Bush again, and again, on Frist and Frist again, on Wilgoren, Chang (Cheng responds in comments) and Chang again, and on Dean.

Chris Mooney on Bush, Bush, Bush, Dean, Wilgoren and Chang, Frist and Krugman. Update: another on the series

Carl Zimmer on Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush and Wilgoren.

Bad Astronomy on Bush and Frist.

Evolutionblog on Safire and Chang.

Mike The Mad Biologist on Bush, Chang and Dean.

Stranger Fruit on Frist, Wilgoren and Chang.

Buridan's Ass on Krugman, Bush, Wilgoren and Chang.

Josh Rosenau on Frist, Wilgoren, Chang, Klinkenborg and Dean.

Afarensis on the whole NYTimes series.

Evolving Thoughts on Bush.

Tabitha Powledge on Bush.

Evil Monkey on Bush.

Three-Toed Sloth on Bush and Krugman.

Sir Oolius on Krugman.

Milkriver on Chang.

Doran on Chang.

Wolverine Tom on Frist.

SciPundit on Frist.

DarkSyde on the whole shebang (graphic language warning!).

Protein Wisdom on Bush.

Cosmic Variance on Wilgoren and the rest of theNYT series (ed: Chang also responds here).

Brian Leiter on Krugman and the series.

Abnormal Interests on Chang.

Bouphonia on Frist

Easily Distracted on IDC in general.

ReligiFried on Bush.

Some Are Boojums has a good response.

A Concerned Scientist on the NYT series.

Shakespeare's Sister on Frist.

Mark Kleiman on Wilgoren and Frist.

Brad DeLong on Chang and Chang again.

Newton's Binomium on Wilgoren and Chang.

Those are good blogs to look around and some provide further links on the topic. I'll update as more come in. Let me know if I missed a good one.

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