Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happy Bloggiversary....

... to me!

On this date last year I started this blog. The very first post already suggested the main theme of this blog. I reviewed Lakoff's "Moral Politics", liked the basic idea, then proceeded to look for deficiencies, to try to fill the gaps, to modify it, and to build upon it. I've been doing that ever since.

Also, I have already in my first post started sensing that the "missing link" between childrearing style and political ideology had something to do with (the psychology of) sexuality, thus making the politics of sex, gender and marriage central difference between the two main ideologies.

And, yes, of course, I sometimes write about science, and pure politics, and current events, and Balkans, and books, and movies, and about my family, about education, about blogging itself, and everything else I feel like writing on any given day. This blog is hard to categorize!

In other news, my car is dead and gone. Officially. Got rid of it. Turned in the plate. Took it off insurance. That was the best car we ever had. It worked perfectly for ten years and only in its eleventh everything started going wrong with it until it became unfixable (except for a price of a new car). It was a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser station wagon. We used to have a Buick, a Volvo station wagon, and six other Oldsmobiles, some older some newer (including a 2000 Intrigue), but this one was the best. Now we are both sharing Mrs. Coturnix's Ford Winstar minivan. I have no idea how I can afford a new car at this moment. We are sooooo broke (and I hate to beg, but that PayPal button has been lonely for two months!). I better fix up those two nice bikes in the shed and figure out the bus routes.

In yet other news, hosting Grand Rounds on Circadiana was a big success. Instalanche alone brought more than 500 hits on Tuesday, Stumbleupon about 300 (who put it on there?), Pharyngula and Majikthise (and several smaller blogs) brought up the rest to almost 1400 hits. Today, it was about half that many, as Instalanche stops as suddenly as it starts. Just before midnight, the stats there looked like this:

Total 53,000
Average Per Day 572
Average Visit Length 2:20
Last Hour 27
Today 688
This Week 4,007

And this blog got at least a couple of hundred hits coming from the Grand Rounds on the first day (to the melatonin/malaria post below), suggesting that people actually click on the links on Grand Rounds. Apparently, most readers of the Carnival of Vanities and Bonfire of Vanities do not bother to click on more than one or two links, if any, these days.

OK, time to go to bed now. Perhaps I'll write something DEEP nest time.

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