Monday, August 22, 2005

Good Bloggin'

On the left is the cover of "Liberal Monsters Under The Bed", via Shakespeare's Sister. (She also plugs Lance and Nance here).

Publius has (finally) written a long post on John Roberts. This is a MUST read for everyone! Also check his posts on Framing Cindy Sheehan and the Iraq's Vector Problem.

Archy also has a good one on framing Cindy Sheehan (as well as discovering an interesting Creationist).

Eric Martin wrote a huge, extremely thoughtful trilogy of posts about the Future Of Iraq and what the US should, should not, can and cannot do: Epilogue, Part I,Part II and Part III.

Revere connects the dots: why should a public health blog write about war, religion and politics? A quadrology: Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.

The Newswriter has an excellent post on He said/She said journalism and Intelligent Design: They are the pingpong-ball people.

The Countess found two silly sex studies.

Nobody can get your blood freeze in your veins like Neiwert, this time dissecting Limbaugh's eliminationism.

Julie Saltman, excellent on Predatory lending laws and federalism.

Echidne, very thoughtful about Women And the Iraq Constitution.

For The Record analyses that paper I mentioned before on conservative psychopathology.

Digby good on Dems rhetoric.

Leiter on Wingnut response to Sheehan.

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