Sunday, August 28, 2005

Evolution Today

(cartoon - hat-tip:Stranger Fruit)

Daniel Dennett slams Intelligent Design Creationism in today's NY Times.

Zimmer explains co-evolution of insects and flowers.

Evolutionblog deconstructs an IDiotic article in "American Thinker".

Mike writes about a new and dangerous drug-resistant bacterium.

Shakesepeare's Sister puts 2 + 2 together on he-said-she-said jorunalism and more....

Revere puts a new spin on the Blind Watchmaker story.

Abnormal Interests on Relativism for Creationists and on an op-ed in LA Times

Chris chimes in on Elizabeth Lloyd's struggle with bloggers and I am sorry but I did not link to a whole series of recent great posts on his blog so just go and read for yourself. (PZ also writes on Lloyd)

Arthur Silber, Amygdala and PZ Myers on IDC misuse of Dinosaurs to get at the kids while they're young.

Evil Monkey describes his PhD defense.

Dispatches from the Culture Wars on a Creationist lawsuit against University of California system (which denies entry to students who were indoctrinated in religious schools instead of educated). Pharyngula has more. So does Amygdala. Jesse of Pandagon skeweres it further.

DarkSyde on the terror-bird.

The Rational Thinker on the petition by ISU faculty and staff to reject intelligent design Creationism.

Dyticas Chronicles: Human aging: intelligent design?

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