Sunday, August 28, 2005

Even more on female orgasm

When Elizabeth Lloyd wrote this blog post about the thesis of her book on the evolution of female orgasm, many feminist bloggers misinterpreted her and bashed her wildly.

She has now written a response to all of them (which includes links to their rants, plus a link to a very generous apology from one blogger - actually the only blogger on that list that I know and read). Several other (not listed) feminist bloggers that I like a lot, have also posted similar knee-jerk responses.

The natural suspicion towards Evolutionary Psychology which is mostly very mysoginist, combined with atrocious reporting by the media, further combined by lack of time to research the issue, plus lack of deep understanding of evolutionary theory, plus the urge to post a lot and often (and no editor to check facts), results in such reflexive responses on blogs.

Another recent example of decent research misinterpreted by the media resulting in knee-jerk rants by feminist bloggers can be found here.

Pharyngula and Steve Mann comment in Lloyd's defense. (My original comment is here - a positive account so it did not make Lloyd's "Hall of Shame").

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