Sunday, August 28, 2005

Around the Neighborhood (NC bloggers)

Too Clever By Half is going to have one long semester and the comments thread is interesting. Look around - a good blog.

Reason and Radical got an anti-IDC ("Intelligent Design Creationism") Letter to the Editor published.

NC Bad Drivers rants against, well, bad drivers!

Lex wrote an excellent post about being a soldier and much, much more.

Stinging Nettle revisits and old published article about the Patriot Act, as current today as it was in 2001.

Mr.Sun produces a Blogger's Pyramid of Hierarchy of Needs. Funny and True!

Chewie and Ed Cone are following the Truth and Reconciliation hearings in Greensboro - the first of its kind in the USA, modelled after the South African experience.

Dolphins stranded on the NC beach.

Is It Possible to Be a Groupie for a Book?

Do you want to take your kids to do some nature and gardening stuff this fall in NC?

Dave has a message for Rush Limbaugh.

Henry: Who's your parasite?

On Pam's House Blend, Russ on the new IDC bill in South Carolina and Pam on the financial states of televangelists.

Melinama recalls a disastrous gig and her daughter is now safely in New York.

Dirty Greek discovers a pro-industry shill spouting nonsense against Jared Diamond's "Collapse" in a so-called "scientific journal" published by a think-tank.

If memory serves me right, The First Year Teacher is now a third year teacher and the school year is starting.

Is UNC summer reading a controversy,.... again?

Jude addressses some myths and some more myths.

Earthquake? Here?

Drew deconstructs the Scaife Foundation.

Robust McManly Pants reports on the new "modest" Christianity movement to put women back into the kitchen.

Swamp Stuff and Swamp Things are two beautiful nature/photography blogs.

You can find many more on the NCblogs aggregator and on the Tar Heel Tavern blog carnival.

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