Thursday, August 18, 2005

Around the Liberal Coalition

What have my buddies in the Liberal Coalition been up to these days?

Archy started a contest. He formulated three possible excuses that Wingnuts will come up with to defend the nutjob who razed the crosses in Crawford. He challenged the readers to find the three in actual Wingnut posts. He did not have to wait long as Pam dove into the Freeperville and easily found examples of all three. However, there are still prizes to be won for the discovery of excuses by a Major Pundit, and for the discovery of a Fourth Excuse.

Mustang Bobby on the conspicuous silence of the conservatives concerning Cindy Sheehan. Will he find a Major Pundit for Archy's prize?

David from BlogAmY has this hillarious news report, also from Crawford.

Lefty Brown istired. Library is in dissaray.

Andante of Collective Sigh is rethinking Ariel Sharon.

On Corrente, Lambert points to an Intelligently Designed pig disease, Farmer rounds up experiences from Casey Sheehan vigils, Riggsveda shows some pictures from one of the vigils and RDF writes more about the cockroach people.

Horatio of Dodecahedron wonders why violence is OK, but sex and nudity are not in the American popular culture and also invites entries for the next Carnival of Bad History.

Dohiyi Mir on Poetic Justice (yes, Crawford again).

Echidne on how (not) to clean your home.

Jane of Firedoglake on Bob Dole's Viagra-induced morality.

The Gamer's Nook provides a handy list to check to know if you are really from the Bronx.

Jude of Iddybud on the politics of grief.

Left Is Right is going to, you guessed it, Crawford.

Excellent post by Kathy of Liberty Street on, what else, Cindy Sheehan.

Bryant The Commentator onChickenhawks and on Roe vs. Wade and more.

Musing's Musings reveals Bush's vacation reading list.

Norbizness on Dobsonian childrearing and global warming.

Pen-Elayne plays Domino Presure!

Rook's Rant on cogntive dissonance.

Rubber Hose got a lot of comments for this post on moving the goal posts.

I am celebrating First Bloggiversary and swinging bcak to the "science" of my blog title in a post about malaria and melatonin.

Scrutiny Hooligans on Violent Men, the fact that Left Blogistan can be just as vacuous as Right Blogsylvania and on switching rhetorical sides (when Righties were correct in 1999 but we are today).

SoonerThought has a nice compilation of links on running, yet not being able to hide.

Sppedkill finds an article about Tony Snow's Intelligent Design Creationism.

Steve Gilliard on right to be a chickenhawk.

T.Rex has an excellent post on valueless people.

First Draft posts pictures of the Bush Brigade.

The Fulcrum on scaling back expectations.

In Search of Telford (formerly The Gotham City 13) has written My Oily Life.

The Invisible Library on the Inordinate Fondness For Beetles: "...given the prevalence and vociferousness of Bad Theology (today and in the historical record) how does Good Theology make itself known?"

Steve Bates serves on a jury and writes a poem (OK, a doggerel) to Larry Northern.

The Countess on advice books to angry ex-husbands and gives a new meaning to vagina dentata.

Wanda of Words On A Page on The New Neo-Con Party.

WTF on book reading suggestions for the President and a picture that made me hungry and nostalgic for good ole' Balkans cuisine.

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