Saturday, July 23, 2005


According to Ed Cone, Atrios is coming to ConvergeSouth blogging conference in October in Greensboro, NC.

I hope bloggers from around the country (world?!) understand that ConvergeSouth is not just for local bloggers, i.e., the word "South" just indicates where the conference is taking place, not who is supposed to come to it.

I am still assuming that I will be part of a panel, but still do not know the details. I am supposed to talk about blog carnivals, but do not know if the whole session is about it or is this a sub-theme of a broader topic. Last winter, Silflay Hraka - the founder of the very first carnival - explained what it was. I am honored to be asked to do it at this conference.

How about a session on the role of expert/science bloggers in the reality-based community?

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