Monday, July 25, 2005

Carnival of Bad History - First Call

Carnival of Bad History is a quarterly carnival devoted to misuses and abuses of history in the media, politics, popular culture and everywhere else. The next edition is slated to appear on or around September 1st. Several entries have already come in and more are needed.

Also, the carnival needs a host! As a host of the previous issue I can tell you this is a lucrative deal! I don't know who of the Bigwigs-of-the-Blogosphere linked to the carnival's homepage, but I got tons of hits the first week and I am STILL getting daily hits to this day - two months later! After all, it takes three months until the next edition is posted - in the meantime you are the King Of Bad History!

So, if you want to host (or if you have written a post since the last issue that you want to submit to the next Carnival) let Archy know about it ASAP.

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