Thursday, July 21, 2005

Calling NC Bloggers

I hope you are having a good summer. We have had 21 editions of the Tar Heel Tavern so far, and I have a feeling that the carnival really took off and now has a life of its own. A number of bloggers are now enthusiastic about it, regularly send entries, volunteer to host, post announcements, have links on the side-bar. The carnival has become a part of the community and a number of people feel a sense of ownership over it. That is exactly as it should be - it would never survive if it remained just a little project of mine.

Thus, I invite people who like the Tavern to join me and become co-editors of the Tavern. The homepage (with archives) is crying for someone with an artistic bent and technical know-how to develop into a kind of homepage that a good carnival deserves. Check out the homepages of Tangled Bank or Carnival of Un-Capitalists (old home or new home) for examples of a well-designed homepage/archives.

Our homepage is currently just a single post on a Blogger blog on a standard skin. Do you want to play with it and make it beautiful? We can even move it to a different platform if you want.

Let me know ASAP. I'll be away from computers/Internet for most of the next week (roughly July 29th - August 5th) so I hope someone can join in before then and make sure that the carnival for that weekend has a host and appears on time.

In the meantime, send your entries for the upcoming issue on Poetic Acceptance and let me know if you want to host next week.

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