Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Link, You Read....

Nothing original to say today. Mostly reading blogs and finding cool stuff. For instance, lots of blogging about orgasms, male and female by Chris of Mixing Memory, John Hawks, John Hawks again and John again. Sporula adds some more. Are testicles needed for orgasms? Who cares, as they are highly edible.

I really liked this review on some books on evo-devo.

John Wilkins writes about research methods in theology, similar to my recent post on thinking methods. He also writes about the modern preponderance of the Great Chain of Being.

European Tribune is a European version of DailyKos. Hat tip: Eric.

Orcinus on grazing legislation. "Let them have grass and eat it, too", said GWB.

Zimmer writes a good one on hobbits, bats and brain-sizes and provides good links to the new stuff on the jellyfish genome.

Chris Mooney reports that ACLU joined the fight for science against the BushCo assault.

Eric Martin is back from vacation with two excellent posts on Cheney's "Throes" and on Bolton.

PZ is taking a break from Jim Pinkoski and has a different Creationist of the Week, one Tabarrok, who, upon criticism, digs himself deeper.

Publius writes On Gitmo.

I am currently reading "Good Father" by O'Connoll, so I found this post by Bitch,PhD. very interesting.

Mike Munger is re-thinking blogging. Dooce is on everyone's mind.

Interesting, on Sober's Multiple Realizability Argument Against Reductionism.

UK Teenagers are so out of touch with modern science that they cannot name a single living scientist, a survey reveals today. Hat tip: Quark Soup.

Mike The Mad Biologist is Mad again: "...IDiots and creationists are starting to use antibiotic resistance in bacteria as 'evidence' that evolution doesn't happen (and all the other silliness they claim)..." What?

Leiter Reports that Smithsonian returned the Discovery Institute money.

So, you want to buy a house in the country? "Some Lebanon County officials want to warn you that it might stink. To drive the point home, they are developing a brochure that features scratch 'n sniff manure." Hat tip: Henry.

Mike answers the question: Why are birds being so aggressive lately?

Rivka is back with a good post on rape.

On the way others see America.

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