Tuesday, June 28, 2005

How do you say "Lysenko" in American English: Joe Barton

As a scientist I feel very fortunate to be living and working in the USA. It is, still, by far the best place in the world to do science. The funding, the way Universities are organized, the professional organizations and conferences, availability of technical support, equipment and materials for research, quality of colleagues and students, teaching methodology....all that is much, much better in the USA than anywhere else in the world.

Also, as a scientist, I dabble in history of science. The Lysenko episode is of great interest to scientists in the West. With all the misuse of science by the current Administration I still never expected the Lysenko-style persecution of scientists whose data do not support the party line. Yet, this day has come. The USA has its Lysenko, and his name is Joe Barton.

Chris Mooney reports on a letter from a Congressman (Joe Barton, R-TX) to a scientist (Dr.Michael Mann) working on climate change. read the letter. Doesn't it chill the feces inside your rectum?

Chris also documents the responses here and here, including this, this and this.

And this one is good, in the best Billmon style: Heinrich here and again here.

There is an atrocious AP story up on CBS online:
Duncan Black _ who founded the www.atrios.blogspot.com blog _ featured a headline Monday on his Web site, "Bite me, Congressman," that linked to a diatribe against a Republican House committee chairman over global warming.
Atrios responds:
First, it wasn't the headline, it was the content of the post. Second, it didn't link to a diatribe it linked to this rather non-diatribe like post by Chris Mooney. Third, it wasn't "over global warming" it was over a member of congress sending an intimidating letter to a scientist.
You can check out Michael Mann here and send your messages of support to: mem6u@virginia.edu

You can check out Congressman Joe Barton here and you may want to contact him and tell him to "Bite me!"

You may also want to write a letter to the editors of Dalton's local newspapers, e.g., Corsicana Daily Sun and Forth Worth Star-Telegram and politely suggest to the local population NOT to elect him again in 2006.

You can spread a broader web of outrage if you write to more of the Texas Media, as well as spread the word via blogs, e-mail, forums...

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