Monday, June 20, 2005

Further Evidence Of The Immenseness Of Wingnut Stupidity!

Unbeliavably funny! This Brit wingnut saw a Fred Phelps demonstration (on somebody else's blog) and wrote this whole rant as if that was an anti-war left-wing demonstration!!! He did not bother to check who's'who. No use for Google. He did not even read the post he linked to! He is still keeping the post up - does he have no shame?

How far can Right-wing stupidity go? I know they have no use for facts, but can't they just try know...pretend? Please read the comments - they are hillarious and yet, there are Wingers there defending the moron!

(hat tip: PZ)

Update: Do you think the guy deleted his blog in shame, got drunk, then joined the monastery? Oh, no! Of course not! He is a wingnut, after all. He updated! He threw on his blog a few more random pictures of various groups protesting various things and lumped them all together as "liberals". These are all, I'll have to say, HIS personal enemies. He has a level of emotional development of a three-year-old. He is a scared, little paranoid idiot, so insecure in his own masculinity, he lashes left and right at everyone he perceives as threatening: gays, blacks, liberals, Muslims, communists, Fred Phelps.... they are all out to get him, or so he thinks, erroneously believing that anyone cares about his sorry ass. He lumps all his enemies into one huge conspiracy of enemies. Just because he is personally afraid of all of them, he thinks they have all ganged together to get HIM? What a joke.

However, he is singled out because he really made a fool out of himself. In fact, he is no different than any of them, from Hindrocket to the idiots on the Corner or Little Green Footballs: chubby, pale, bald morons who cannot possibly get laid, and worry about their own sexual orientation, and compensate by feeling good being part of a "movement" whose modus vivendi is to attack, meanly and viciously, and as fast as possible, anybody who is not a member of the group. They do not care about the facts. They do not care about humanity, or democracy, or anything beyond being drunk on power of belonging to a mob. A pitiful lot, all of them.

This guy is also singled out because he is one of the most vocal pushers of the idiotic screed that Downing Street Memos are fake because they are re-typed from the originals, word for word. By that logic, the pictures he posts on his blog are all fake as he copied them from elsewhere. It does not matter how many types the Memos are copied, the content remains the same, and it is darn damning for the Bushies. If is just like Rathergate memos - they were physically fake, yet the contents was correct: the Fearless Leader did skip on his military duties. Those are facts, no matter on which piece of paper they are printed.

This kind of femiphobic, paranoid, emotionally retarted people we have to deal with. And there are millions of them. This country needs a shrink-in-chief, not a commander-in-chief.

Update 2: OMG - the guy is such a moron - he has updated again, just digging himself deeper and exposing his total misunderstanding of the world. He is such a laughingstock of the blogosphere. 20 years form now people will still be reminiscing about the "idiot who mistook Phelps for a Lefty" and lughing.

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