Tuesday, June 28, 2005


A new bloggers conference, ConvergeSouth will be held in Greensboro on October 7 and 8, 2005. Though I expect to see many North Carolina bloggers there, the BloggerCon is open to everyone. Register while there is still space! The program is still being built and only about half of the schedule is already listed on the website, so keep checking it for updates. I am very honored to be invited as a panelist on one of the round-tables.

A group of Greensboro volunteers recently announced that Greensboro has organized to host the inaugural year’s edition of ConvergeSouth, the South’s first free conference focused on moving North Carolina toward breakthroughs in creativity and diversity on the Internet. Exploring the digital revolution in publishing and expression, ConvergeSouth focuses on radical digital publishing and entertainment. A two-day event on the campus of historic NC A&T State University, ConvergeSouth will focus on journalism and multimedia “web blogging” for everyone. Additional ConvergeSouth features include a nationally-known keynote speaker, multimedia and music in multiple downtown venues to which the entire community is invited.

Look around the website and the blog for more information and plan to come if you can.

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