Thursday, June 16, 2005

Carnival of the Un-Capitalists - Science Edition: call for submissions

Calling all carnies, the Carnival of the Un-Capitalists is now accepting submissions for the next C-un-C which will be held this coming Monday, June 20 at Guerilla Science.For this C-un-C, we are accepting submissions on the theme "Science Edition."

Just to give you an idea what we are looking for:

Energy - nuclear energy, alternative energy forms, peek oil, and the eneregy industry itself
Biotech - the industry, biopiracy, bio-engineering, animal and human health
Weapons - the military industry, new research and development, effects on the environment, DU
Farming - the corporate farm industry, governments and food policy, genetically modified foods
Animals - animal testing, trafficking, effects of corporate pollution

And this list is only the beginning. To all C-un-C regulars and first-time Carnival goers: feel free to use your imagination and don't feel constrained by this list!

As always, submissions should be in by Sunday afternoon - June 19 - no later than 4:30pm EST. Send your submission to uncapitalist [at] gmail [dot] com and be sure to check out the 'Submission Guidelines' if you have not done so already.

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