Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Wingnut Sex: Collector's Edition

The theory is quite complex, but to oversimplify it: childrearing (Dobsonian) practices of conservative parents result (statistically speaking) in psychological problems in sexuality (femiphobia) of their children who, due to sexual anxiety, grow up to be come conservatives themselves. For more details dig through my Archives by Category: "Sex, Gender, Marriage" and "Understanding America", or google "femiphobia".

I like looking at the theory and at the big picture, but I have suggested on someone's blog about a week ago that we should also start cataloguing all the known instances of sexual perversion of wingnuts, both elected GOP officials and leaders of Right-wing organizations. If the theory is correct, this should be easy: scratch a wingnut - any wingnut - and you will find sexual psychopatology.

Now I see that several bloggers feel the same way and some (who are much better than me on this) are starting the catalloguing process. Now, professional collectors, like philatelists and numismatists, may shake their heads and say that it is not worth it. What makes an item valuable is rarity. Incidences of wingnut perversion are cropping out daily left and right and have been for quite a few centuries now, making them worthless - there are just too many of them.

However, we are not interested in re-sale value. Such a compilation can be much more useful in defense of modernity as a killer tool for the next electoral campaign - remember: knowledge is power! More we know about their hanky-panky idi osyncrasies, better we can defeat them next time they are up for re-election. Perhaps we can even build, over time, a whole frame, in Lakoffian sense, of GOP standing for "Gross Old Perverts".

Here are some of the bloggers that I know of who have starte d to compile the list. I am sure there are many more:
Jane and Walloper easily came up with three cases each. Elayne Riggs and Shakespeare's Sister are making the same call to action. Pam's blog already has a huge compilation of sex-crazed nuts. Echidne and Digby are also on it.

Update: Someone has started making a serious list. The webpage also contains a link to this article that discusses the study I wrote about here. (Hat tip: Shakespeare's Sister via Jane)f

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