Monday, May 16, 2005

Smarter Than's that possible?

Welcome to the place where you can read the blog posts by people who are all smarter than I, Me, and Myself - both separately and together. Thus, instead of forcing you to read more of Me, let's go straight to the posts by people who are smarter than I:

L.Lorren nominates Norzbizness for the following post about the Bolton nomination. He realizes that "Norz is mainly going for humor, but this was scathingly written with a cornucopia of links".

Jim Anderson of Decorabilia, the founder of this wonderful carnival, suggests My love affair with the Constitution by Timothy Sandefur.

Walker saw an excellent Diary on Daily Kos. It is Plutonium Page's effort to collect various examples of the opportunistic use of bad science by the right in this country. More than 100 comments add immense amount of information to the list.

Revere of Effect Measure submitted a link to George Monbiot at AlterNet (if you loosen your criteria just a little bit, AlterNet may be considered a blog, after all). "This is a devastating take-down of well-known botanist David Bellamy's claim in New Scientist that climate change is bunk and glaciers are actually advancing, not retreating. It is a detective story that traces the source of the data Bellamy uses and reveals it for what it is - bullshit. Fascinating reading." I adored Bellamy when I was a kid - what happened?

Mark Olson at Pseudo-Polymath sends two entries. First, Education and the Problem of Our Times by John Mark N. Reynolds from "Eidos: Following the Logos Where He Leads" talks of education and love.

The second one will get you to scratch your head a few times: Hayek, Classical Liberalism, and Democracy by Gus Dizerega from the History News Network.

Jesse writes: "Ron Silliman, smarter than i, is the most widely read politico-poetic blogger around. In this entry are many levels or domains of experience and perception working together to create a sphere of inclusion, and there's even a link to my own blog. :)"

John the Methodist of Locusts & Honey enjoyed this post by Aaron of Maranatha. In it, Aaron wrote that evangelism has become a mere activity of churches, whereas from the Biblical perspective, Christians are to unintentionally evangelize as the inevitable consequence of their outlook on life.

In earlier editions, I warmly recommended (and still do - get those blogs on your feeds!) posts by Publius , PZ , Chris Clarke , Lance and Jon . There are so many other smart bloggers I would like to recommend, and will do so over time, but which two to honor when I am the host myself? That was a hard decision to make. In the end I took my picks and here they are:

The first is Eric Martin of Total Information Awareness. Choosing the best post was hard, but I decided to go with the most recent one I liked (it is YOUR job to dig through the Archives - an effort worth your time, I promise), which is Enlightened Hard-Boiledness.

My second recommendation is Chris of Mixing Memory, a thoughful commenter on a number of topics, but most notably on cognitive science. Here is one of his more recent (and less technical) posts, If I Could Teach The World One Thing About Science, the question that Chris actually answers only once he's prodded in the comments.

Thank you all for coming. I hope you liked the choices of long thoughful posts written by people who are all smarter than I. Don't forget to come back in two weeks for the next issue, and send your entries to smartherthani AT hotmail DOT com. Look out for announcements on Decorabilia.

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