Friday, May 06, 2005

Political "ethnic cleansing" by a Baptist Church

The news story is all over the blogs. A Baptist Church in Western North Carolina excommunicated seven Democrats, and additional 40 quit. Here are the story and the video.

Local NC blogs were the first to jump on the story. As far as I know, Ashvegas was the first to break the story, being in that geographical area. AnonyMoses is also close, in Charlotte. Ed Cone, the best-known blogger in the area, has linked to it and is likely to follow up on the story as it develops. He is in Greensboro, as is Dirty Greek, another excelle nt blogger. Also local is the group blog String Cans. Other local (and not so local) blogs following the story include Scrutiny Hooligans, Reality Stick, and Top Dog. There is a long thread on Daily Kos, and a thread on Pharyngula. So far, Pam's House Blend has the most links. Back in high school, Pam was voted "the most likely to thoroughly follow every tiniest little detail of every story of a Baptist Church excommunicating Democrats", and her blog is a great collection of similar stories. I'd come back and check it over the next few days. For reactions of other local bloggers, you may find it easiest to follow the NC Blogs aggregator.

I am hoping for a big fat backlash....


More responses from Sue, Ed, Walloper, Ashvegas and Ashvegas again....

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