Monday, May 30, 2005

Meta-Carnival #5

It is time for a new (approximately monthly) round-up of all known blog carnivals. If you want to trace the history of carnivals, see how they are born, grow, metamorphose, mature, reproduce, age and die, as well as more about them, compare this one to the previous Meta-Carnivals: One, Two, Three and Four.

For entering many of the carnivals, you can use the Universal Blog Carnival Submission Form.

Here they are, in no particular order (except that I am more likely to read, link to and send entries to those closer to the top of the list), the link to the homepage/archive (or equivalent blog-post) comes first, followed by the link to the latest issue and, then, by the link to the host of the next edition (or the best place to look for one):

Tangled Bank (science, nature, medicine, environment, and the interface between science and society) Previous Next

The Tar Heel Tavern (North Carolina blogging) Previous Next

Skeptic's Circle (debunking pseudoscience and quakery) Previous Next

Carnival of Bad History (debunking misuse of history) Previous Next

Carnival of Un-Capitalists (economy from a Progressive/Liberal perspective) Previous Next

Carnival of Education (education) Previous Next.

Carnival of the Godless (a skeptical look at religion) Previous Next

Grand Rounds (medicine, nursing, health-care), Previous Next

History Carnival (history) Previous Next

Karnival of Kidz (children: pictures and stories) Previous Next.

Nursing Moments (nursing) Previous Next

Carnival of the Balkans (blogging in, from, or about the Balkan countries) Previous Next (on brief hiatus, but will return soon)

Smarter Than I (best posts selected by readers, not self-selected) Previous Next

New Blog Carnival Showcase Extravaganza (introducing new, young blogs) Previous Next

Carnivalesque (early modern history) Previous Next

Philosopher's Carnival (philosophy) Previous Next

Carnival of Tomorrow, (blogging about the future) is new to me and there are already three issues out: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0.

Blog Tower (best writing of the Progressive blogosphere, thematically not limited to politics) Previous Next

Blawg Review (law and legal scholarship) Previous Next

Friday Ark (animals of all kinds) Previous Next

Carnival of Dogs (dogs) Previous Next

Carnival of the Cats (cats) Previous Next

Carnival Of The Gamers (computer and video games) Previous Next.

Rascal Fair (Montana blogging) Previous Next

Cavalcade of Canucks (Liberal Canadians) Previous Next

Blog Of The Day (daily carnival showcasing one blog per day)

Blogging For Books (about books) Previous Next

Storyblogging Carnival (stories writen by bloggers) Previous Next

Carnival of Recipes (yummy) Previous Next

Carnival of the Runners (running) Previous Next

The Carnival Of NBA (professional basketball) Previous Next

Carnival of Comedy Previous Next

Homespun Bloggers Symposium (building and strengthening a blogging community, including audio-blogging) Previous Next

Watcher of Weasels (competitive, "Survivor"-like, "best of" carnival) Previous Next

Carnival of the Optimists (optimism) Previous Next

Carnival of the Liberated (Iraq) Previous Next

Carnival of Vanities (the first, oldest, biggest - the original carnival of best blogging) Previous Next

The Best Of Me Symphony (guest-edited best of older blog-posts) Previous Next

Carnival of Capitalists (economy from a Conservative perspective) Previous Next

Carnival of Revolutions (freedom movements around the world) Previous Next

Asia By Blog (Asian blogs)

Haveil Havalim (Vanity of Vanities Initiative) (Israel and Jewish blogging) Previous Next

BritBlog Roundup (British blogs) Previous Next

Carnival of Cordite (guns) Previous Next

Christian Carnival (Christianity) Previous Next

Christian Views Symposium (answering questions on Christian topics) Previous Next

Celebration of the New Christian Fiction (Christian stories) Previous Next

Vox Apologia (Christian apologetics) Previous Next

Catholic Carnival (Catholicism) Previous Next

Sneak's Wide World of Blogging (host-edited best of blogging) Previous Next

Red Ensign Standard (Canadian Conservatives) Previous Next

Bonfire of the Vanities (the worst blog posts) Previous Next

Bharteeya Blog Mela (Indian blogs) Previous Next

Carnival of Insanities Previous Next


Unfortunately, it appears that Carnival of Sin (seven deadly sins) is dead.

How about the Poetry Carnival (poetry)? Is it defunct? Check here.

Carnival of Poets also appeared to have had only one edition.

If a carnival is missing from this list, or if I messed up a link, please let me know.

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