Tuesday, May 24, 2005

If a latte-drinking Volvo-driving effete librul is this dumb...

When was the last time this guy was in an American classroom? His article reveals - looong ago. He has no idea who is teaching science in many schools, particulalry rural school: whoever the principal can find. He also does not understand much of biology either, but as a journalists should have done his homework (like EdCone did yesterday, see the post below).

Having Fun With Intelligent Design
by David Morris, on today's AlterNet, is unbeliavable! Introducting a tough theoretical book, like Elizabeth Lloyd's, to kids who have not yet received the thorough instruction on evolutionary theory? Will not work. Teaching Fred Hoyle's seedlings from space theory? Is he nuts? Teaching Erich von Daniken in schools? Ubelievable. Please, give me a break!

Update: I was dismayed and uncomfortable at how many bloggers LIKED this article. Have I missed something? But now I can sleep better, as PZ Myers feels exactly the same. Also, whereas I just quickly ranted above, he explains in detail why each of the points I screamed in this post is correct, so go and get edified there.

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