Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Do Storks Fake Orgasms?

I am not a storkist - I am a proud secular reproductionist - this is so funny, yet so true....in a way.

And, speaking of storks, have you seen this article in today's NYT about female orgasm (hat tip:Ed)? We had a discussion about this on a blog a few weeks ago, but I cannot remember on which blog now. Alcock is all-cock: his Animal Behavior textbook is very popular although he is an un-sophisticated genocentric sociobiologist dolt. On the other hand, Elizabeth Lloyd is one of the most brilliant evolutionary theorists ...well, ever. And notice how Hrdy tacitly agrees with her by refusing to disagree. Now I have to buy the book!!

Update: And, speaking of storks...why is everybody blogging about storks today!? Anyway, we may all be having fun, but Publius is serious. He was REALLY visited by a stork and given a package containing a baby, a daughter. And I thought he was a secular reproductionist! Help - my faith is shaken! Everyone, go and say congratulations!

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