Friday, May 20, 2005

Almost A BloggerCon!

Yesterday I had lunch with Dave aka Nonny of AnonyMoses and Jude of Iddybud. They were travelling around the state, visiting bloggers (and other important sites) in Greensboro and the Triangle area. We ate at Crazie Mae's Cafe, a local-woman-minority-owned diner/restaurant around the corner from me in Southern Village.

The food was delicious as always and the conversation was great fun. I feel I was talking too much, though.... We chatted about blogging, politics, John Edwards, horses, towns, Balkans and Mayas (for instance this Maya), among else.

Dave recently invited me to join the new group blog Idea Consultants. I will read it for a little while before I start posting, as I want to see what kind of stuff is appropriate (I doubt that my 3000-word political rants fit there). So far, it is very interesting. See, for example this recent post by Nick Lewis: The Evolutionary Origins Of The Weblog..

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