Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tangled Bank

Tangled Bank, blog carnival of science, nature, environment and medicine is now online on Circadiana.

Tangled Bank was the first blog carnival I ever heard of, and is still my favourite -the only one I am sure to read all the posts as soon as the carnival is posted. And this says a lot: I started Tar Heel Tavern, co-founded The Carnival of the Balkans, watched (and hopefully aided) the birth and initial steps of Skeptic's Circle, Carnival of the Godless, Smarter Than I, Carnival of Un-Capitalists, Carnival of Bad History, Blog Tower and Carnival of Education. I had posts on 12 different carnivals and hosted five - this one is my second turn at hosting Tangled Bank.

I wrote about the importance of Blog Carnivals in getting to know like-minded bloggers, about the way blogging (and particularly carnivals) may alter the future of science and politics, and I try to, about once a month, collect all the existing carnivals in one place. In short - I am a real Carnie!

Now go read and enjoy the Happy Anniversary Tangled Bank!

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