Friday, April 15, 2005

Record of all records!

I am glad it is Blogger's server, not mine, that is taking care of all the traffic here today.
Since James Randi linked here (to the Skeptic' Circle) about 11:30am EST, I've had been hit about 200 times per hour. I usually get that many per day, less on weekends. The record so far has beed 650 hits, the day after I posted the Skeptic's circle. Today is not done yet - there's about half an hour left, but I got, according to Sitemeter, 1,455 hits today (more than 1,373 I accumulated all last week), 48 during last hour, for a total of 30,526 (I expected to pass 30,000 in a few days). Unfortunately, it appears that only a very tiny fraction of visitors looks around the blog, but, hey, this avalanche is itself quite a pleasant event, even if I gain only a couple of new regulars from it.

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