Friday, April 08, 2005

Babes in Politics

There is a silly, yet interesting, theory going on in the Righty blogosphere, called Babe Theory of Political Movements. Some commentary is actually quite interesting, i.e,. there may be something to it.

But on the other hand, if the theory was true, Kerry should have swept the board last year. Have you seen the babes at Dem rallies, starting with the primaries and all the way to the Convention and beyond? Repub pale nuns, Coulter-wannabes and submissive-wives-in-training don't come close to the beauty of women on our side.

Of course, there is a difference in criteria: What is A Babe?

Liberal babes are beautiful because they are strong, smart, witty and opinionated. They have brains and know how to use them. They have education and sophistication, and most importantly, they have class.

But that is exactly the kind of woman that is threatening to the femiphobic conservatives. Strong, smart, educated, free-thinking, opinionated women trigger strong bouts of male anxiety in them. Just check their comments: the only criterion that comes up for what makes a babe a babe are big tits. If she keeps her mouth shut, even better, I guess.

[I can't believe I am about to link to the Righties, but I have to so you can read for yourself. I hope my blog does not get spammed and trashed by them in the near future when they check out their sitemeters]:>

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