Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terry Schiavo Framing II

Since I cannot see my blog, edit my posts or post comments, I have to write a new post for everything.

Considering the previous post, a good idea (credit my wife for the core idea, though I did the irreverent embelishments):

Even if you believe in the existence of the soul, it has departed the empty corporeal shell of Terry Schiavo's body about 15 years ago. The videos showing its so-called "responses" are the same as Galvani's effects in frog legs you did in your high-school biology lab. Did you see the CT scan? The brain is gone. The skull is filled with goulash-satarash-paprikash-soup. There is no brain there, thus no consciousness, and no soul. She's been playing harp on a cloud for 15 years now. Ï

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