Thursday, March 31, 2005

I was just on the NPR radio...

...well, not personally. But Mike Munger was (here: He, on his blog The Mungovitz End (see Blogroll) and I have repeatedly linked to each other's posts about liberals in academia, very respectfully indicating that the other guy's view is bogus.

I heard a line from my blog (repeated in two posts actually) coming from Mike's mouth. Well, he put it up as an example of unreasonable thinking. I still think it is exactly correct:

"Hiring a conservative in a Department of History is just like hiring a Creationist in a Department of Biology."

Actually, I did not narrow it down to History or any particular department, but to the academia as a whole. Check my Education Category Archives. What I would have changed today is using the term Regressive instead of Conservative because the term Conservative is confusing: free-markets, small government, individual freedom, individual responsibility, fiscal responsibility, non-aggressive foreign policy are LIBERAL values. People think they are conservative because these values were the LIBERAL elements of the conservative party (GOP) in the 1950s or so. True conservatives values are social hierarchy, discipline, top-down government, and aggression. But Mike is libertarian so he is way off in the la-la land no matter how you look at it.

I am glad, in the context, the he did not make the correct attribution to the quote - I did not need my name on NPR when I was not there myself...which may happen soon if everything goes right as I was contacted by the staff (of the same show - Mike recommended me see, we actually LIKE each other no matter how much we disagree) to talk about writing an expert blog (Circadiana, not this one for sure). We'll see what happens and I'll let you know.

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