Thursday, March 17, 2005

I Link So You Don't Have To

I decided not to do anything productive today. Instead I surfed the blogosphere, and here is the best of what I found:

The Iron Blog is over. The tasting is here:
...and the verdict here:
I am mad that Majikthise did not win, but what can I expect from biased home-turf judges! Will a challenger ever win?

A new blog carnival: Science and Christianity Showcase:
Not too impressive...and why is there nothing about evolution (one wonders)?

....and an idea for a Carnival for Un-capitalists, by Freiheit und Wissen:
to include blog posts about, for instance:
Income disparity and the increase of global poverty
Privatization and the crisis of public ownership
The emerging corporate threat to democracy
Corporate malfeasance
Workers' rights, union organizing, and transnational solidarity movements
Free-trade vs. Fair-trade
Neoliberalism and market deregulation
Anti-globalist perspectives and alternatives
Corporate environment abuse
Sustainable development

Carl Zimmer writes about dinosaurs (twice):
Growing Up With Dinosaurs
Why do we have so many questions about the most successful animals that ever lived?

Pratie Place on the turth and myths about the Cuyahoga River Fire of 1969:
...on framing:
...and on Monarch butterflies:

Billmon has fun with Horrorritz:
David Horowitz's (Losing) BattleWith the Truth
Scenes From the Cultural Revolution

PZ Myers explains evolution in the absence of selection:
Genuine controversies and the distracting nonsense of creationism
...and concludes his series on Berlinski:

Phawrongula, of course, immediately translates Pharyngula into verse:

Which version of Ten Commandments should we really hang in schools and courthouses:

Eric Martin on Iraq, Consitution etc.:

From Panda's Thumb, on a strange new robot:
...on the eye, or why IDC arguments about the eye are wrong:
...on should we teach IDC in schools:
...on the natural fraternity of IDC and astrology:

Contrary Brin on Modernism 16b: An Aside About "Human Nature"

Evolving Thoughts about "Argument From Designer To Design":

Backwards City about the real ending of Peter Pan and it is daaaaark (look around the blog for some great links):

Evolutionblog on fundamentalism and postmodernism:

Emwe's Meta-Blog on the Unity Of Science and the Completeness of Physics:

Evolgen on the Origin Of Life:
...on sequencing the genome of the NY City air:
...and on the Politically Incorrect History:

How fast is the speed of (conscious) thought?
Chris of Mixing Memory responds:

Burning Bird on blogrolls, Women-bloggers and TTLB ecosystem (good!):

MindHacks on ketamine:
...gifted children:
..brain injury:
....mental space:
...and bipolar disorder:

Red State Rabble on Republican funding of IDC:
...and some more:
...and more:
...and a flow-chart of money-flow:

Effect Measure on scientific evidence in courts:
(plus many many posts on the avian flu)

A very cool tree at the Holowatch blog:

Rhosgobel has two ongoing sereis. One is full of great pictures from the British Museum, the last entry (containing links to previous entries) is here:
The other is on California school troubles:

Blog Or Not on a blog-based locally-organized system of think-tanks:

AEBrain on the ethics of transplanting human brain cells into mouse brains:

Keat's Telescope on publishing data online:
....on the X-chromosome in human and platypus:
...and on methane on Mars:

Preposterous Universe on the division of the political blogosphere:
...and about being rich:

Mike the Mad Biologist on The God Gene:
...and on role of religion in the Democratic Party from a Jewish perspective:

The Nonist continures the series on sexual pathologies of the past:

The Between on violence vs. sex in video games (do you know they censor sex for US versions and violence for European versions of many games?):

Editors of Scientific American have their own blog:

Blog about music and the neuroscience of music:

Sleepdoctor (formerly Rebel Doctor) on war in obesity:

Thread The Needle continues the series on psychological effects of slavery:

Hedwig The Owl reports: Pale Male and Lola have eggs!
...and on flu vaccines:

Rana on Politics as a Popularity Contest:

Tony Pierce has some tips on how to blog:

...while Marketing Sherpa has advice for people who use blogs for business:

Dissecting Rightism continues to...well, dissect Rightism:

Mahablog on the invasion of She-Bloggers:
...on woman-talk:
...and many, many other good posts....

Culture Cat on changes in teen-girl literature over time (some cool covers!):
....and on her presentation about blogging culture, including female bloggers:

Daily Duck on evolution and relativity:
...on Berlinsky, part 1:
...part 2:
...and part 3:
...and on the decline of atheism:

Bitch, PhD, on argumentative women:
..on deserving men:
...and mommy-blogging:

Syaffolee on killing the males:

A blog written by a hedgehog:

Craving Progress is a new blog by a scientist, Sara the Immunology Student:

Amanda of Mouse Words on religion and women in sports:

Everything you always wanted to know about clams (from Dharma Bums):

The First Year Teacher (now in second year of teaching) gets Satan to help with classroom discipline:

Brad Plummer on the "investor class":

The Number 2 Pencil has a series of tutorials about statistics:

An Edwards supporter from NC:

Decembrist on Opportunity vs. Security (as a false dichotomy):

The Thinking Nurse on Blog Therapy:
...and here:
...on psychological differences between Left and Right (politically):

Interesting perspective from Hey City Zen:

Animal Crackers on "Eat Meat" Day (which I forgot to post about, but dutifully ate meat):
...and on PETA terrorist connections:
...and actions:

Much fun on the San Diego Zoo blog:

...likewise on the Asheboro Zoo blog:

Buridan's Ass on IDC and Probability Reasoning:
....on defending evolution:
...and on not letting IDC into schools:

Iconoclast on Anarcho-Syndicalism:

Gorgeous Italian Kendo Blogger (in Italian):

What is Life? It Looks Different From Here tries to answer:

Niches is one of the most informative science blogs:

Ilyka Damen on women in the workplace:

Bigwig on Simian Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated:
...and continues his series on birds of Iraq:
Trish Wilson on Deborah Tannen on male/female communication styles:

Aaron Swartz on fraud in science:
...and on Summers:
...and on relationship between astrology and Republicans:

World O'Crap on Hannity defending Easter (like O'Reilly defended Christmas):

Trixie Update blogs about his daughter, from the moment she was born:
Here is the sleeping chart:

For The Record on short-term vs, long-term planning:

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred is a very snarky, ironic, sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek and maddening, yet smart blog:

Any Set of Characters on prostitution:
...part 2:

Nadezhda is inspired by Publius and writes a drama about Social Security:

Mick Arran has some good writing on Gannon and Social Security, and the last post promoted Blog Tower #3:

Mike Munger, my favourite nutty libertarian:

Cindy of Mousemusings on listening, critical thinking, creativity and the Nation of Clones:

Dust Devils on Mars? chattr+a-V reports:

Ron on perception of gays:

...and do not forget to send your entries for the Tar Heel tavern:

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