Monday, March 21, 2005


Forget about steroids in baseball - it's a smokescreen.

Forget about Terry Schiavo - it's a smokescreen. Not even a Bush-appointed conservative activist judge can do anything with this deeply unconstitutional bill. We should expose the Repub's hypocrisy: saving one non-existent life (Terry is for all practical purposes dead, after all) while sacrificing lives of thousands (soldiers and Iraqis) and millions (about to lose their Medicare and Medicaid coverage).

We need to focus on the stuff they are trying to hide with these smokescreens:

We need to hammer on The Hammer. Do not delay on DeLay.

We need to care about Medicare, and aid the Medicaid.

This is no time for sense of false security about Social Security.

Don't budget your time - keep asking about the budget.

Keep drilling about ANWAR Drilling.

We need to put a lot of pressure right now, on things that are really important, not get stuck on topics THEY want us to pay attention to.

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