Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Blawg Review

There is a new carnival in town. Blawg Review is a carnival of legal scholarship. I am wondering if they just missed being aware of the existence of Belly Up To The Bar or if they want to do something different. Unlike BUTTB, this carnival is going to be peer-reviewed, almost like an online scientific journal - that's a first with blog carnivals as far as I am aware. On the other hand, unfortunately just like BUTTB, this one also appears to be leaning to the conservative side. Where, oh where are the Progressive lawyers and legal scholars?!!!! They need to be seen and heard on both of these carnivals (or form a new one) and not let the Wingnuts take over that piece of blogospace, too.

By the same token, where are the social scientists: anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists...? Here and there one sees something like that sneaking into Philosopher's Carnival, Carnival of History, or Tangled Bank. Aren't enough of them to make their own carnival?{

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