Saturday, February 26, 2005

Size Does Matter, or Does It?

Today, it appears that everyone in the blogosphere is writing about the penis...and I thought it was supposed to be estrogen week (!

First, Beth chimes in with "Penises" (

Then, PZ Myers of Pharyngula scares right-wingers by putting together their two bigest sources of insecurity: penises and evolution ( Apparently, size matters - in the opposite direction of what you think:
" hasn't been at all uncommon for female vertebrates to
be untroubled by the absence of a penis in their mates, and apparently have
preferred it that way."

That females do not select males according to the size of their bone (yup, bone, "os penis" in Latin) has been shown before here:

And you can buy one to use as a coffee-stirrer, though beware, I believe this is illegal trade of animal parts:

If you are interested in using a model for personal pleasure, perhaps you should learn some history first. Part I from prehistory till 1800:
Part II from 1800 till today:

What to do if you find one in a bottle of cathup? Read this:

"I will never buy this brand again, it's finished," vowed

"To see a gun in your dream, symbolizes aggression, anger, and potential danger. You may be dealing with issues of passiveness/aggressiveness and authority/dependence. Alternatively, a gun can represent the penis and male sexual drive. Thus the gun may mean power and impotence." (


Moving to more metaphorical worries about penis size, Dr.FrankLives finally discovered "The Wimp Factor" (

And if you are still worried about your size after reading Ducat's book, perhaps you should become a Republican ( and start admiring the Penis Personified: Ann Coulter (

...and this is just skimming the surface of the last 24 hours of penis blogging....

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