Monday, February 28, 2005

Mininetwork Blogads

Henry has, yet again, come up with a brilliant idea. Small, otherwise easily ignored blogs can pool together into mininetworks that are big enough to be interesting to advertisers:

All of those bloggers pointing into that page should generate some orders, and it will also make it much easier for us to direct ads to that group, since many are too small to find and monitor as we're putting together large ad proposals. This tool will be available to some other bloggers in coming days.

Some bloggers will obviously worry that by promoting advertising opportunities on other blogs they will cannibalize their own sales. Wrong. Smart bloggers small and large agree that the ONLY way to grab a significant chunk (0.1%!?) of the $250 billion spent annually on advertising in the US is to band together. What's been true of blog content will also be true of blogads: a single blog is an easily ignored ant -- 100,000 ants together is an unignorable hive.

Thus, a small blog can get some profit. It is small, as it is divvied up between members of the mininetwork, but it is much bigger than zero, what a small blog would otherwise expect.

Thus, for instance, while my blog is too small to attract an advertiser on its own, joining in networks of likewise small blogs can produce some revenue. I can see myself as being a part of a number of such networks, e.g., Chapel Hill, Orange Co., Triangle, North Carolina blogs, Serbian, Yugoslav, Balkan blogs, Jewish blogs, atheist, agnostic, secular, godless, Brights blogs, skeptical, academic, science, biology, chronobiology blogs, Democratic, Progressive, liberal blogs, etc. This is definitely an idea to explore further.

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