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Meta-Carnival #1

I have written before about the emerging importance of blog carnivals ( ). They are centers of activity, meeting places, and at the same time newspapers and magazines of the blogosphere. Some are generalists - Carnival of Vanities is simultaneously the New York City (physical space) and the New York Times (newspaper). Others are local newspapers, covering the local news (e.g., India, Canada, or Balkans, or even one's neighborhood). Yet others are trade-papers or magazines, focused on a particular issue (law, science, education, economics, etc.), as well as virtual conferences of experts in the field.

Some carnivals appear every week, some every two or three weeks, or every month or two, or without a regular schedule. Some are always hosted on the same blog. Some others are mostly hosted in one place but are occasionally outsourced to other blogs. Some rotate between a limited number of blogs over and over again. Most, however, are alway hosted by a different blog. Even those that are initially hosted by one blog, if they become successfull, tend to move to the one issue/one blog system. Blog Of The Day is, in a sense a Carnival of sorts, presenting a new blog (not post) every day:

I have attempted to post round-ups before ( Several other people tried to do the same with more or less success. Bigwig has a pretty lengthy list (, and he tries to update it on a regular basis, though he has fallen behind somewhat these days, as new carnivals are sprouting almost every week. King of Fools also keeps track of a limited number of Carnivals. ( So does Watcher of Weasels ( Even InstaIdiot links to some (, but the quality of his round-ups reflects the quality of his thinking and writing.

There is also now a universal submission form for a number of carnivals: I will contact the owner of the site to nudge him/her to include several other carnivals.

I will try to, on a somewhat regular basis, post a whole list. Of course, the carnivals I like I link to as soon as a new issue is out. But I'll try to keep up with all of them as long as that is humanely possible. So here we go, in the order of age, from youngest to oldest, ending with dead carnivals:

Embryonic Carnivals (0 issues)

These are up and coming new carnivals, the first issue being still in preparation. For instance,

Carnival of Bad History
will start on March 1st on Archy (

Carnival of Cordite is for gun-lovers. The time of fertilization was here:

Pro-Life Carnival in the making? I guess they would consider their carnival alive and soulful even before it is really born:

Newborn Carnivals (1 issue)

Carnival of the Balkans ( gathers bloggers from the Balkans, or expats, or people blogging about Balkans. The first issue is here and is really fun:

Poetry Carnival #1 is here:

New Blogs Only: Carnival Showcase Extravaganza for blogs younger than three months. Homepage is here: The first issue is here:

From The Edge is a New Christian Fiction Carnival. The first issue is here:

Kid-Carnivals (2-7 issues)

Skeptic's Circle (every two weeks) immediately took off with a large number of excellent entries.
Issue #2 is also beautifully edited and written:

History Carnival (every three weeks) is a very high-standard carnival. Most of these posts are written by real historians and are worth reading carefully:
The latest edition is #2, here:

Carnival of Education ( is out every week and has also, from its inception, attracted a large number of excellent posts. The latest issue is #2, here:

Blog Tower ( is Mick Arran's baby ( It is a collection of the best writing (not neccessarily political) from the Progressive blogosphere, some self-submitted, some submitted by others, but mainly chosen by Mick himself. It does not have a pre-set frequency and Mick has had technical difficulties, thus Issue #2 is currently impossible to see. Go back to Blog Tower #1, in the meantime, while we are eagerly waiting for the third installment:

Carnivalesque ( is focusing on early Modern history. It comes out every two months. Unfortunately, the issue #3 is not available any more as the blog has been taken down. You can still check out the previous issues here:
and here:

Carnival of the Godless ( took off immediately. With "secular/atheist/humanist/agnostic/other" being the fastest growing "religious" category in the USA (though sadly, still lagging far behind the civilized world), it is no surprise that pent-up energy exploded in amazingly large and good first weekly issues. The latest, #3 is here:

Carnival of the Commies is a round-up of posts from the Left blogosphere collected by a Right-wing host:
Unfortunately, the posts are only from a handful of blogs, like Kos and Atrios who do not neccessarily represent Progressive blogosphere that well. They should look up the growing list on the blogroll of the Progressive Blog Alliance (check the bottom of my sidebar). The comments reveal typical whinger non-thinking-FrankLuntz/Karl Rove-talking-points-male-anxiety-ridden venom. Perhaps exposure to this will get them to think? Naw! They need a few years in therapy before they'd have the internal strength to confront their cognitive dissonance.
Issue #4:

Belly Up To The Bar is a weekly meeting-place of blawgs (legal blogs), and I wish there were more progressives on there for balance:
Issue #5:

Christian Apologetics? It's called Vox Apologia. Who are they apologizing to? I know what they are apologizing for, but that will take a very long time as the list is long:
Next issue #6 will be here:

The SciAn Melt ( is unique in that it combines both the geographical (India) and topical (science) focus. It comes out every two weeks. The latest issue, #7, is here:

Pre-teen Carnivals (8-12 issues)

Blogging For Books is competitive and the latest issue (#8) is here - some really good reading:

Philosopher's Carnival (every three weeks)
issue #9

Haveil Havalim is a carnival focused on Jewishness and Israel. The inaugural (with rules etc.) is here:
The latest installment, #9, is here:

Cavalcade of Canucks ( is a wonderful meeting space for the best of Canadian bloggers. The latest installment (#11) is here:

Carnival of Sin ( is trying to cover all Seven Deadly Sins, but so far, only issue number 10 managed to cover all Seven, as Lust is an overwhelming winner all the time. The issue #12 is here:

Storyblogging Carnival ( is, well, collecting good stories on the blogs. Issue #12 is here:

Teenage Carnivals (13-19 issues)

Red Ensign Standard is a conservative Canadian carnival. Apparently, the US Right-wingnuts have some serious lunacy competition up north. The issue #15 is here and it is dripping with venomous male anxiety:

Catholic Carnival (, issue #17:

Young Adult Carnivals (20-29 issues)

Sneak's Wide World of Blogging #20:

Tangled Bank ( is the bi-weekly carnival of biology (from ecology and evolution, through genetics and physiology, to medicine). This is probably my favourite carnival. The latest issue, finally allowing for imbibing an alcoholic beverage, #21 is here:

Grand Rounds is a weekly carnival of medicine, nursing and health-care policy:
The latest issue (#21) is here and is wonderfully done:

Friday Arc ( collects all animal pictures. The issues #22 is here:

Carnival of Recipes (weekly) is delicious. The homepage/archive is here: The issue #27 is here:

Mature Carnivals (30-60 issues)

Carnival of the Liberated (bloggers from Iraq) was impossible to track down as to the total number of issues. I am assuming it fits into this age category. Check it out, it is excellent and very relevant:

Carnival of Dogs (a weekly, but maddeningly not numbered, so my estimate is about 30 issues so far). The inauguration is here:
The latest issue is here:

Carnival of the Cats (every week) is much bigger. Why are bloggers cat people?

Christian Carnival #57:

Old Carnivals (61 and more issues)

The Best Of Me Symphony is a weekly roundup of posts that are at least 2 months old at the time of the carnival:
The issue number #62 is now up:

Carnival of Capitalists (aka Evil Carnival)( is, as expected, dominated by the Right-wing economic nonsense, so you have to look around to find good stuff (and there is some if you look hard). It is a useful intellectual exercise anyway, even if you do not agree. Check out issue #71:

Watcher of Weasels ( is competitive. Maddeningly, it is not numbered, but since it is weekly and it has been going on for at least a year and a half, it has somewhere about 80 issues so far. The latest installment is:

Bonfire of the Vanities ( is an old carnival. It is a mockery of the original Carnival of Vanities, in the sense that people submit their worst posts. It is quite hillarious, though it is a pity it has such a Right-wing slant, as if Lefties don't write pointless blog-posts. You can see the old issues here:
The latest installment, #85, can be found here:

Bharteeya Blog Mela ( is a Bollyblog written by Indian people and/or about India. It is also not numbered (, but since it is a weekly and it is over two year old, I give the latest issue number 105:

The Grand-daddy of them all, the Carnival that spawned all the other carnivals, the brainchild of brilliant Bigwig of Silflay Hraka ( is the Carnival of Vanities:
The unbeliavable issue #126 is here:

Dead Carnivals

Well, like everything in life, some Carnivals come to a sad end. Here are some examples of what I found, some still-born, some dead at a later stage, but most definitely dead (if not, let me know):

Kissing Booth - where is it?

Carnival of the Families devoted to woman's rights apparently never took off:

Carnival of the Canucks has gone up to #23:

Cul-de-Sac, somebody's own carnival started with the first issue here:
and ended with the last issue here:

Carnival of the Rugrats

Carnival of Poetry

Carnival of the Pajamas apparently had ten issues:

Carnival of Consumers is officially dead:

Carnival of Solutions had two issues:

The most recent Carnival of Canucks I could find is #23, back in June:

Bush Bloggers - perhaps this one is not dead...but it should be...I don't want to know. Copy and paste the URL if you are curious or suicidal - I don't want spam and life-threats:

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