Saturday, February 12, 2005

Carnival Of The Godless #3

I have a great honor and responsibility to present you the third issue of the Carnival Of The Godless. It is not easy stepping into the footsteps of the first two issues, both of which were fantastic and set the bar high (go see them here and here), but both the number and the quality of entries suggests that this carnival is here to stay (and grow) for a long time.

I was toying with the idea of organizing the entries into "Books" and split the books into two parts, one called "Old Testament", the other "New Testament", but somehow that did not work with the type of posts submitted this week. So, here they are, in no particular order, almost following the order in which they arrived in my mailbox. Enjoy!

Steve Snyder from Socratic Gadfly
wrote this post about Terrell Owens and his claims of "spiritual healing.":Spiritual healing - How about egotistic bullshit?

Josh from Thoughts From Kansas invokes Pink Floyd, Hamlet, Arthur C Clarke and Pierolapithecus to devise a strategy for
Defending Naturalism .

Goddam-Liberal at No More Mr. Nice Guy! is not mincing any words in summarizing the sad state of affairs in:
Apes evolved from Creationists

In regards to the way things really work, for anything and everything they don't understand, godders are prone to instantly shriek "God did it!" and then make no further effort to look into it. This essay by Hank Fox is about why that's a bad strategy for dealing with the real world:
The Parable of the M&Ms

Hank continues with a lot of little snippets of online conversations in Yahoo Religion Chat Rooms. Some fun stuff, some profound stuff. All short:
Chat Room Excerpts 1

Tony Gill of the UTI Annex wrote:"When I gaze out my tiny window at work as I play god in a genetics lab, I'm blessed with a visual testament to religious marketing; a wicked-spiked Mormon (or is it Mordor's) Castle, sitting atop a hill, strategically placed near the beltway. Two of its legion paid me a vist recently, so I stole their smiles." and the account of this event is vividly recalled here:
Fanaticus Mormonidae

Hookflash offers a brief look at the dangers of religious morality:
Religious Morality

Dr Zen of yeah whatever sends his critique of Michael Behe's NYT oped. He "didn't want topass up the chance to put the boot into a snake-oil seller who has had far too much exposure":
Ducks all the way down

Revere from Effect Measure has written a post in response to a WaPo article that evangelicals are "going green." He "sort of lost it at the prospect of the inevitable suggestion that we should take advantage of an"opportunity" by getting in bed with the Creation Care nut cases.":
Creation green, barf bag green, sclerotic green

Brent from Unscrewing The Inscrutable sends this post in which he relates the story of how his friend Jenny goes on the Wayne Brady Show and gets "read" by Brady's guest John Edward:
Whose Dead Relative Is It Anyway

Peter Fredson guest-blogs at the cyberhome of Les at Stupid Evil Bastard:
The Truth, The Absolute Truth

Ron from Ron's Blog writes about demons and ponies - what's the connection?
McDonald’s pact with Satan Where's the outrage from JesusLand?

Bob from God is for Suckers! writes about idiotically self-centered famous Xians and how God looks out for them:
Dumb-Ass Xian Morons

Smijer of Smijer and Buck gets creative in:
Another Interview With God

Bloginette, from The Magpie Approacheth! indulges in introspection about her own spirituality:
I, bloginette

I had major computer problems last week so didn't think I would have the time to write a blog entry of my own for the Carnival, so was going to post a link to an old post, but the title "I, Bloginette" (just above), made me think that my blog also has a bird as symbol (a quail, not a magpie), and I also remembered how much I loved the old TV series "I, Claudius", and how wonderful it would sound if I wrote a post I could title "I, Coturnix", so here it is, a personal religious history:
I, Coturnix

Next issue will be on February 20, 2005 at
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