Sunday, January 02, 2005

Skeptical? Or not skeptical enough?

I stole the above cartoon from a dKos Diary. The Diarist reprinted it with permission from this wonderful site:

I know this is old, but for those who are new to the Creationism controversy and have a problem with teaching evolution, read the following article:

The Creation/Evolution Continuum
by Eugenie C. Scott

That article (with an even niftier look of the graph) was reprinted in Skeptic, Vo.10, No.4, 2004.

If you still have a tin-foil hat on, read this for a sobering thought:

The Truth is Out There…Way Out There
by George Case

...and if you are still skeptical of Lakoff, read this wonderful series:

Lakoff - I. Who is George Lakoff?
Lakoff - II: Preliminaries
Lakoff - III: Embodied concepts
Lakoff - IV: Complex metaphors
Lakoff - V: Setting the stage

...and, if you want to see everything connected to science that was posted on Daily Kos over the previous week, check this meta-Diary:
Nerd Network News

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