Monday, January 24, 2005

Round-Up of Carnivals

I love Blog Carnivals. So, I went on a search of the latest installments, and here is what I found. It is interesting to see how many issues some carnivals have, how big some of them get, while others languish and die.

First, the original Carnival:

The Carnival of the Vanities #122

That was the best of blog writing. For the worst of blog writing, go here:

Bonfire of Vanities #81

Another old and established carnival:

Best of Me Symphony #60

and also this one: Sneak's Wide World of Blogging #17:

Blog Tower is having technical difficulties, so the issue #3 is temporarily lost:

It appears that the previous issue #2 is unavailable if not lost, but you can see some great writing at #1:

The Tangled Bank, carnival about biology, nature and medicine had the last issue here, so just scroll down. The next issue, #20, is coming out this Wednesday (here:, so perhaps you can still submit your entry in time for it. For more information, go here:

Indian scientists have their own carnival:

ScianMelt #6

And so do Indian non-scientists:

Bharteeya Blog Mela #?

Doctors and nurses meet at Grand Rounds #16:

Philosopher's Carnival #8 is here:

The brand new History Carnival #1:

Carnivalesque #3 (sometimes erroneously refered to as Early Modern Carnival) is getting big, so it is in two parts:

Hungry? Check this out:

Carnival of Recipes #23

No politics, no science, just well-written stories:

Storyblogging Carnival #10

You can find Christians here:

Christian Carnival #?

...and Jews here:

Haveil Havalim #6

...and the Carnival of the Godless is starting next week:

Although I am a biologist, I am not so certain about handling dangerous animals, though. I tried to help my colleagues once, taking blood samples from copperhead snakes, and that may have been the last time...I'll stick with nice, cute and cuddly species for now. That is why I will not provide the link to the latest Carnival of Bush Bloggers - they seem like such an alien, venomous and dangerous species. But we can have some cute animals, can't we? Here are the cats:

Carnival of Cats #44:

...and here are the dogs:

Carnival of Dogs #?:

This one is new but it is exploding! Warning, not work-safe! Also, this is the only one, I believe, where the editor actually has to refuse some entries, as there are too many (is that true?):

Carnival of Sin #9:

In a similar vein, The Carnival of Capitalists #?:

Some carnivals have died. Apparently this is the last Carnival of Pajamas (#11):

What happened to the Kissing Booth? It's nowehere to be found.

Snarkfest was supposed to be here:

but I cannot find it.

Cul de Sac was supposed to start here:

Are there any more issues?

Carnival of Consumers is officially dead:

Carnival of Families may never have really taken off, as I cannot find any recent issues:

The Carnival of Rugrats apparently met the same fate:

And the same appears to be true of the Carnival of Poetry:

The most recent Carnival of Canucks I could find is #23, back in June:

If you know where to find recent issues of these Carnivals, let me know. Also, if you know of Carnivals not listed here, let me know.


This one links to some of the Carnivals (including the Family Picnic starting this week):
Carnival of Carnivals #44

These are blogs from Iraq (by both Iraqies and Westeners):
Carnival of the Liberated

Watcher's Council:

Christian Apologetics? It's called Vox Apologia. Who are they apologizing to? I know what they are apologizing for, but that will take a very long time as the list is long:

Carnival of the Commies is a carnival put together by the nuttiest, creepiest Wingers, Freepers and Foozballs so they can "monitor" the Leftie Blogosphere. Watch out!

Update 2:

Funny, I already had my fingers on the Ctrl-V to post this, when Brandon chimed in with the same information:

Poetry Carnival

Update 3:

Catholic Carnival #14:

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