Friday, January 21, 2005

My Blogosphere Namesakes Going To India To Do Some Good

Prof to aid tsunami relief effort in India

Varghese said he plans to supply residents with coturnix, small quail, to use as food and income. The quail are able to lay eggs 35 days after it hatches and is considered a delicacy.
Varghese is the president and founder of Coturnix International Ministries Inc., an organization formed in 1990 to "provide food for the body and soul."
"God gave me the quail to give to poor people," Varghese said. "It takes one pound of feed - which costs at most 10 cents - to raise a quail to maturity. They are so small they don't need space."
In this plan, those affected by the tsunami can sell the female quail eggs and slaughter the males for food.

And yes, these quail are a delicacy! Hungry graduate students can attest to it.

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